Rainless Records Volume One

Official Launch Party and Compilation Release Show!

We have officially launched our Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign. With our goal of raising $5000, we will be creating the first digital and physical compilation album of Rainless Records artists and kicking off our Non-Profit Independent Record Label.

Donate to our campaign at http://igg.me/at/RainlessRecords/x/4962973 

Official Indiegogo Fundraising Video featuring Champagne Charlie and The Whicker and Pine. Please help by supporting this campaign. Thank you. Donate at http://igg.me/at/RainlessRecords/x/4962973

New Artists

New Artists Page is up and running! Check out all the new artists!

We are currently working on an Indiegogo Campaign in order to fund our first Rainless Records Compilation album.  The artists on the record label provide the music, Rainless Records provides the funding, project supervision, website, and artwork. The compilation albums will be released on a bi-yearly basis, distributed online, and in stores. In addition, each musician, band, DJ, and/or artist will receive free copies to give to their fans. Following the completion of each compilation album, there will be a CD release party featuring live performances by Rainless Records artists.